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I HAVE MOVED HAHAH standandsit.blogspot byebye
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my tioman trip brief update. this is just 1 percent of the whole trip whahaha. anw quick send me the pics!

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today i went to the zoo. i would say it is very tiring but its really a fun trip with voxy, ferooze, wanky, joycie and jane. did i miss anyone out? 

okay i am seriously damn tired now but tmr gt to go sentosa i am still considering tho. guess i will see how it goes tmr.

i am seriously damn excited over my tioman trip of the 19th its at payabeach! omg so beautiful and i think i am gonna enjoy myself. hopefully.
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today have been a good day i guess went out with dee first den walk around town. i am in love with muji la but their things quite expensive arggh. so i was like finding muji like mad cos i tot it was at taka but its at paragon by the way. anw it was a fun and haf targetted some stuff dat i wan to get. happy for dee since she manage to settle her sch stuff. bel came to join us later but things is like not goin too well for her too. i mean this month is damn unlucky, bad things happen to friens around me and i feel sad for them but mine isnt much better. but i guess i am considered lucky as my are just some small issues. so we proceed to makan at fish and co. yea sea food platter, i think the last time i ordered sea food platter was when i was still in sec sch tts that long. yea and b4 that we go free red bull to drink cos they promoting it and offered us a can of red bull each taste sour but ok its not too bad. i am not a fan of red bull. oh yea today a random guy approach me and ask if i am a student den want to work anot, 3-4hrs only and can earn 40 bucks, i was like errr hmmm, not interested cos i fear its a scam and i cant work cos i need to go holis to tioman with ende dee bel haha endeebel in short haha. i need to save some money so that i can enjoy myself there like massage haha and yes tanning since its like a good place to tan. the last time i tan frequently was in sec sch la hah with ezra ende and wilson la tts damn long and i think i am still de fairest hahah. lets drown all our sorrow in tioman hahas.
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i am back home with a really really short hair omg not use to it but okay la at least my head feels lighter. ok when hair cut today den was intending to meet ezra for de IT show thing at suntec but was too lazy so i suggested goin gym and yea its a good work out session but u really haf lousy stamina but nice try tho LOL. ok went on to eat my plain porridge plus hor fan at crystal jade.  no long john for goodness sake i wan a healthy holiday life style ok wadeva. and hmm went on to eat ice cream at mac and i just realise coffee bean at jurong point is gone nt that i frequent there but i always wanted to try their coffee but too bad its gone.

haha so short but my hair grow damn fast. i prefer it long tho but its damn hot la!
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was damn bo liao so i photo boothed the pics that i took with my art peeps on the recent makan trip.

my stomach is so fucking painful now la dunno wads wrong and when i shit its like water not shit. ok shall not go in to details. its holi and i can finally cut my horrible lookin hair oh yes! i really hope that i can realli enjoy tis holiday! cos i deserve it, like duh~

okay its great sigapore sales and i am so envious when i see ppl carrying bags and bags of stuff. argh eyesore!  oh yea was readin voxy and kinda feel sad it like 11th  like arrrgggh so close. i did vote so hmmm.... must be people like teng hong see see nvr vote la tts why voxy cant win right wanky? whahahahahha.

ok holiday mood le bb
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i think this entry was too gross so i gotta delete whahaha

ok i did design my cap for some iron on effect it looks gross it took me 2 hrs oh fuck haha.

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today have been a great day. okay so morning went to my grandma hse for my grandfather death anniversary. it was kinda boring but its not suppose to be fun right. haha. but yea basically haf to see some relatives which i dun really like. and its like the food there is kinda horrible but its like a must to eat so hai

after that dad send me to dover where i met dee bel and ende.  we went to eat like crazy hahah. 1st stop was the alexandra food court we ate the oyster egg which is not really tt good la. den before that we have the traditional chinese pastry gt lao po bing and egg tart. yea its nice la tho i dun really like tis kind of food. after that we went to anchor point for pizza. each person 1 slice and yep gone hahas. next we proceeded to secret recipe for cakes haha we ordered mango cake , oreo cheesecake, hot chocolate cake and a mashmallow cake. whahahhaha so fillin la.
after tt dee and ende went artfriend with me to get my canvas paper which is like 28 dollars for 6 piece i was like trying hard to find a replacement cos i am that kind tt wont look after my things 1 so i like to get 1 instead of 6 and its like fucking expensive. argh i hate to spend money on thing like that but oh wells. argh i havent finish doing my stuff la, i think  am quite lost and suck at computer.

oh after dee left ende accompanied to shop a while den went to eat again like ahahah how many a meals already. so we ate kobayashi. the whole ciney was flooded with so many people. its damn fucking hot today dat i really couldnt take it la it just spoil my mood.

holi is coming by right it should be friday but luckily extended if not i wont be able to finish. my entry is so fucking boring, wads wrong wif me i am getting mad tis few days due to late night sleep and excessive consumption of junk food? i am just blaming on every thing.

oh my pls listen to shawn sung's life's struggle, anw its in chinese. i really feel like commiting suicide after listening to tt song cos its so true and erm ya so true ,fuck la i gt no vocab  hahhaha. yea and shawn sung died at a young age. but yea i am nt so silly to end my life for a

Current Music: shawn sung - lifes struggle

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yea today book cover is done so happie. turns out okay tho the font size all that could haf been better but i love it so heheheheheh.

today have been a good day for good food and meet up :) and most importantly i can rest so i am gonna sleep like mad
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